Mobile Solutions
Your strategy for mobile devices

More and more corporate applications are used also on mobile devices. Sale representativs calculate the offer in the customer meeting on their tablet. Engineers review spare parts specifications and blueprints during their service visit.

With a close look on your requirements we can identify the right technologies and architecture - after all we are not just a App-Factory but experts for corporate applications also for mobile devices.

Our services

We consult you already during selection of the right technologies and the architecture of your mobile project.

We prepare a concept for you and verify it with a simple mock up or a proof of concept (PoC).

As software company surely we don´t only consult you but also develop the suitable mobile application. You benifit from our years of experience in software development and our high qualits standards. Due to our strength in Java development we focus on developing mobile solutions with Android which is very close Java. However we offer also the development for other platforms.Herby we work together with our partner companies within our cooperation i³ Systems.


Of course we also offer the support with maintenance and further development of your mobile application. 

value added – CGS your partner for mobile applications

As we are not only a App-Agency we can support you comprehensively - from the interface to your backend up to the frontend. If a mobile app should be hostet in the cloud you benifit from our extensive cloud knowledge. Due to our knowledge in the field of Big Data Analytics we can utilize your data better and make dashboards, cockpits and Data Analytics application available also on mobile devices.

Furthermore we can rely on the extensive knowledge in special fields like Virtual Reality (VR) with our partners in our cooperation i³ Systems.

The right architecture for you

Which architecture fits best depends on your requirements and your use case. Criteria like cost efficiency, IT-Security and development time are playing important roles. From a technolgical point of view a native app might be the best just, maybe not always. A respronsive application often fulfilles the needs - however it is much more cost efficient that to develop a native app for Android and for iOS. Innovative approaches like progressive web applications (PWA) bring new oportunities to use many features of the mobile device - even offline. Of course these solutions also have certain drawbacks and limitations.