RIAS – Internal Auditing
Our standard software and further solutions

Data Analytics for Fraud Detection or Continous Monitoring, Process Mining or dashboards, to visualize your KPIs or reports. Besides our standard software RIAS (Revisions-, Information- and Analysis System) we offer further solutions for internal audit departments and are happy to consult you. You benifit not only from our process knowledge but also from our business knowledge und experience with Internal Auditing. 

RIAS – Our platform for Internal Auditing

Our standard software RIAS (Revision-, Information- and Analysis-System) is a innovative platform for the entire auditing cycle. RIAS helps you to digitalize all your auditing processes it generates transparency and makes the work of the Internal Audit Department easier. For higher efficiency and constantly high quality standarads. 

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possible use cases

With our experience within Internal Auditing and our wide portfolio we can support you in following use cases for example.

With Continous Monitoring you increase transparence of your data and your business processe which helps to reduce the risks for your company. With the Continous Monitoring you detect conspicuousness early. This is especially useful for processes which consist of many small transactions. For example: The purchase to pay cyclel. Invoices without order will be identified immediately and can be verified. Hereby you reach a very high audit coverage - compared to a manual random sample auditing with a multitude of efficiency. 

Dolose actions  occur from time to time. With Data Analytics you can monitor vulnerable systems like credit card payment for suspicious behaivor and dedect them in a early stage to reduce the damage for your company. Often very simple data analysis of location and time stamps can be sufficient: e.g. If a customer pays with the credit card in Munich and only 10 minutes late in New York the probability of credit card fraud is very high.

Processes vulnearble for fraud don´t only exist in the finance sector but also in the industry and retail. Especially in context to the development of IoT-Application new challenges can come up.

Most of your processes are supported by IT-Systems. Therefor the data and the logfiles of these applications offer a lot of information about the implementation of the process. Based on this you can not only analyse if the processe are adhered but also see the processing time - incredibly fast and efficient compared to a manual audit by the internal audit. Your auditors will spend less time for collecting documents and data to analyse and have more time to focus on consulting with the right improvement measures and process optimization.