Conception & spezification
The fundament of successfull implementation

With a systematic concept we create the basis for a successfull implementation of your projects. Mistakes in this phase are often difficault to correct later on. Therefore, we often use Proof of Concepts or Mock-Ups for complex projects. Also you benifit from our modern approaches with which we can design your concepts based on your demands flexibly. 

Our approach

After the first requirements are defined and the technological options are discussed we create together with you a implementation concept. Therefore we create a specification of your solution and a detailed project plan. The approach and framework will be aligned with you. The result: a clear and tailored project concept which you can implement step by step. 

Usually the conception phase is integrated part of our development projects. Only sometimes we offer it as independent conecption services.

Not always all requirements are clearly defined and adequate specifications are available. We support you in the requirement analysis and the requirement management up to writing the requirement docu and the specifications - or in the agile world from requirements analysis and backlog grooming to the development of adequate stories.

We analyse your processes and tasks which the system should support later on. The analysis results will be summarized in documentation where we can derive the requirements of the system. 

Often problems in software projects are caused by undetailed specifications or badly writen stories. The software developers have the challange to understand the requirements and develop suitable software. 

Especially business partners who are not writing specifications and user stories for software projects on a regular basis face dificulties with it. 

We belive that the project plan and the project set up are part of the conception phase. Based on our experience in with software products we support you to plan your project realisticly and successfully.