We integrate your solution into your IT-Infrastructure

Enterprise software rarely stands alone. We help to integrate your solution into your IT-Infrastrutcture - with the right interfaces to other applications and databases. By this you avoid media breaks and assure a consistently workflow.

As different requirements can lead to different solutions we align all relevant aspects with you and implement it accordingly - based on many years of experience in the development of complex enterprise applications.

Integration during development

How a solution can be connected to cooperating systems will be considered already during development and the necessary interfaces will be created.

retrospectively Integration

Of course we also help you with our knowledge about interfaces and interface technologies to integrate finished software retrospectively.

From connecting to integration testing

Simple database interaface or comprehensive integration of a complete solution via REST- or SoA-Interface: We master the different typs of system integration. Besides the development we pay special attention on the integration testing. After all working parts don't necessarily lead to a working system. Within the tests we don't only focus on testing the final integration but also the non-functional requirements - means the performance and reliability of the interface.


API – Application Programming Interfaces

The possibility to interface systems with your solution and to build a open platform is a important success factor especially in todays platform economy. Also your customers benifit from the advantages - including many new digital developments.


We develop the suitable API, create the necessary documentation and consult you with the different aspects of a standard programming interface.