Support & Software-Maintenance
Use your software long lasting

Whether a custom developed solution or a standard software from our product offerings. In order to use your software long lasting we support you with a software maintenance contract after the implementation phase. Hereby we focus on the 3rd Level Support. We can support you here with our extensive software knowledge.

1st Level Support – employees become power users

Usually your employee take over the 1st Level Support. We train them for their tasks and educate users to Power Users.

Power Users are users of the software with extensive experience. The can support other users with smaller problems and questions regarding the application often better than software developers. Often it is about business aspects or simple questions of the usability in a certain use case.

2nd Level Support – We train your IT-Admins

For the 2nd Level Support software developers are not necessarily needed. Your IT-Admins can take over this responsibility very well. We train them for you.

The Background: Often problems arise from inadequate administration or changes in the infrastructure. The 2nd Level Support validates errors and problems. It makes sure that the hardware e.g. network is not the root cause and it creates qualified error descriptions with all needed background information. This is very important. Only if the developers can reproduce the error the can analyse it correctly.

3rd Level Support – Our software developers support you

The real software errors which are based on the software itself end up with the 3rd Level Support, which can only be fixed by the software developers. 

For software we develop customized for you we offer a 3rd Level Support-Contract.

For our standard software we for surly offer you a software maintenance contract. This typically includes updates and upgrades.

Service Level Agreements

We are happy to offer you the adequate services, reaction time and the compliance with other key performance indicators. In our 3rd Level support and software maintenance contrcats you can choose different Service Levels to ensure the use of your systems.

Contact us regarding the different Service Levels.