About CGS
Innovative software solutions since more than 30 years

A new employee portal which is used by thousands of people daily or a platform to digitalize you Internal Auditing and increase transparency - at our Headquarter in the heart of Brunswick more than 48 experts wokr on innovative software solutions for your way into a digitlized world. Fair and cooperatively. Agile with flat hierachies and fast decisions.

Since the foundation in 1992 we have always envolved and modernized. Today as your partner for the foundation of your digitalization we offer services and solutions - from software development and data management up to the connectivity of software and data.

Our Mission: optimal fitting software

We belive: A good software solution must support you and your processes and must not limit you. Together with you we identify and implement enterprise applications which are tailored to your needs. No matter if it is a standard software or a new development. Our technical focus is in the Java world. Regarding the data management we acompany you on your way from the data strategy and traditional databases up to Big Data solutions and data analytics. Our product RIAS helps you to ditgitalize your Internal Auditing.

Our Team

Diversity meets experience and a family culture

As team of more than 48 specialists we develop optimal software solutions, tailored on your needs and requirements. Closely connected and cooperatively. Experts with the experience of many demanding projects together with you developers and talented professionals. In cooperation with the University for applied science Ostfalia we also offer a dual studies.

As this healthy mix is one of your strength we exchange experience through different projects regularly - e.g. in our monthly developer meetings, quarterly employee meetings and other events. A core topic: experience and innovative ideas. As the world don´t stop moving we also permanently evolve - internaly and externaly. We attend trainings, visit conferences like JavaLand and Oracle User conferences or give talks at expert conferences ourselves.

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Felix Huchzermeyer


Technology Hub Brunswick

Our Headquarters is in the heart of Brunswick. The entrance is directly at the corner between Mediamarkt and Maredo, in the first floor.

By car or with the public transportation you can reach us very easily. Parking slots you will find in several car parks around (e.g. Lange Straße, Welfenhof or C1-cinema) - many restaurants and possibilities, e.g. for our lunch break, only a few steps away in the city center.

More details on your arrival by car or with public transportation you can find here.

Partners and Network

As customer of CGS you don´t only benefit from our more than 30 years experience but also from our several partnerschips. In the collaboration i3systems we cooperate as founding member with more than 25 IT-Companies. Our technology partners are Talend, Cloudera, Amazon and Oracle. Together with the University Ostfalia we offer duals studies in computer science, through our membership in the employers' association we regularly exchange thoughts with other employers regarding employee development, trainings and much more. 

    Patnerships and Network