Our Core competency

In form of consulting projects or in our daily work with you: IT Consulting is our core competency - since our foundation more than 30 years ago. There was a reason to name the CGS "Consulting Gesellschaft für Systementwicklung".

With this experience we can consult you professionially and comprehensively. Methodical and technological.


We contribute with our experience in different projects of our different customers, we submit proactive proposals, develp idas and build up best practise.

We listen

We listen carefully. Only who understands your situation, your challanges and your goas, can design the right solution for you.


We belive that an open and transparent cooperation is a fundamental success factor - especially in innovative projects.

The areas we consult

As a software company we have specialized on systems, data and their integration. This is mirrowed in our four core consulting areas. Due to our specialization we can base our work on a large amount of knwledge and experience.

All consulting services can be booked as separate consulting project or integrated in a bigger overall project.

Software and data are the technical fundament of any digitalizationi project. We are not a classical consulting company, but a software company and IT consultancy. Our special area: the development of software, the management of data and the integration of systems. Based on this experience we support you on your way into the digital world. From the digitalization strategy to the implementation. With tangible results.

This means: We don`t only produce power point slides but identify solutions together with you - and implement them. Therefore we analyze during a digitalization workshop your the maturity of your digitalization strategy and it´s potential. Based on that we design use cases or budiness models and help you to create a business plan. At the end we summarize all results in a digitalization roadmap with an detailed plan for implementation.  

The digital transformation is not only a IT-topic, therefore, your contribution is needed. Contact us and we explain our approach and offer you the right consulting package. 

We support and consult your from analysis and collecting requirements up to first solution designs. This build on our comprehensive experience with requirements analysis and requirement management for complex enterprise applications.

The requirement management could be part of an overall project or we offer it as independend service.

Our consultants help you to identify the optimal technology - in the contact of an overall project or as service package for your own development.

If you implement a development project with us we permanently inform you about technological opportunities. We explain for every option how it could fulfill your requirements, which advantages and disadvantages it brings, hereby we give you imporant support for you decision making. Thogether with you we define technical components which help you the most.

If you want develop a projekt with your own development but you are not sure regarding the technology we can also support you as external consultant as an independent service package.

The right approach, fitting processes and methodologies could differ reasonably from project to project. Our consultants help you to identify the right way for implementation. Together with you we define the targets, the framework and the time schedule. Based on this we derive the right implementation approach, which fits exactly to your project. 

If wanted we can execute the overall project together with you but you could also order the implementation consultancy as independend service.