We accompany you on your way into the cloud

We don´t belive in the one single company cloud. For most of the companies a hybride infrastructure with private and public cloud ist best, perhaps even a combination of different public cloud suppliers.

We accompany you on your journey into the cloud. It is important for us as a software company to develop applications with modern architecture to utilize as much benifits from the Cloud - with containers, mirco services and interfaces. Our experts for cloud-native development consult you with the selection of the technologies and the architecutre as well as with the implementation and the support.

We support you in following areas

The right cloud architecture can reduce your operations expenses reasonably and make projects viable which were not cost-covering before. The main strength of cloud applications: You can adjust them very flexible to your needs and the load - a flexible scaling as needed. We support you in designing your application and database the right way and to select the best cloud provider for your needs.


Two examples for flexible scalability of modern cloud solutions


Freight forwarder: Befor noon a major load is on the system due to the routing calculation for all trucks. In the afternoon after all deliverys are asigned and all routes are planed there is almost no load on the system anymore. With almost all cloud providers you can adapt your system in quasi real-time to the actual load. You don´t have to pay for infrastructure which is only used at certain peaks.


Retail: The business of many retailer varies depending on the season. The christmas business at the end of the year is a peak for many - during this time the system has a much higher load as during low season. Excepted by the christmas peak the IT infrastructure is oversized for the rest of the year. Wiht a flexible cloud solution you can avoid this and adjust your systems on a season basis.

Crucial parts of your application have highter requirements than less crucial once. This shows the benifits of a modular architecture: With a modular architecture with micro services and clear interfaces your application can be used even if certain services are not working or are restarted. With this you can develop moduls independent, you can deactivate parts and deliver with less efforts or downtime.

Our software architects will consult you to identify the right architecture and to define the right share of modularization that your application can be used without interruptions.

We develop software agile with short release cycles and interdisciplinary teams. Together with you we define the right developing process and allocate a dedicated team of expert to support you with implementing continous integration and delivery concepts. You can use new functionality sooner and deliver on a month, weekly or even daily interval.

You want to migrate an existing application into the cloud? We consult you on the approach with its steps  and on the benifits of the cloud you can utilize for your company. Of course we also support you with the migration of your existing applicatino into the cloud and we will do necessary adjustments for you to optimize your system for the cloud.

There are many concerns regarding cyber security and data privacy in the cloud. We help you to identify the cloud solution which fullfills all your relevant boundary conditions and data privacy regulations.

We work with established cloud provider, their data centers seem like high security centers. The IT security there is often higher than the own IT infrastrucutre of a small or medium-sized enterprise - including data protection. Therefore on-premises is not necessarely more secure than a cloud solution.

Especiall focus we put on regulations like the european general data protection regulation (GDPR). These factors play a major role for choosing the relevant cloud provider or the cloud location as well as the incryption of your data and the data of your customers.

We are Partner of Amazon Web Services (AWS)

Besides our our general and provider independent knowledg of modern architecture and development of flexible cloud applications you benifit also from our partnership with Amazon Web Services (AWS).

Amazon Web Services with several locations in Germany and Europe is the leading cloud provider. Besides the flexible tariff models AWS offers exiting own technologies for cloud applications: from AWS Lambda to Amazon S3 and Amazon DynamoDB to a strong Identity- and Access Management solution (IAM).

Our certifired AWS Solution Architects and Developers support and consult you with your AWS projects from architecture till maintenance.