the right software for your company

We are not limitted to custom software development. In some cases standard software or standard tools have advantages. Especially for general standard tasks standard solutions are unbeatable efficient. They permanently evolve further and you don´t have to bare all the cost for the entire development. Through the lisences all customers pay a part of the further development.

Besides our ownn standard software for internal auditing we also offer different standard solutions from our partners.

RIAS – Digitalizing your Internal Auditing

With our platform RIAS (Revisions-, Informations- and Analyse-System) you digitalize your internal auditing. Our innovative system flexibly supports the entire auditing process and helps your auditing department to work more efficient and more effective - work just gets simpler. Through this every auditer can focus on his core tasks. The result is a continously high quality standard.

More about RIAS you can learn at or of course from us.

RIAS in detail

RIAS supports you from the risk identification and evaluation over the audit program planning and the audit activities with its work program up to the follow up process, statistical analysis and reports. The auditors can focus on their core tasks and do not have to care about complex Excel tables or the formatting of word templates. As an integrated system RIAS provides improved compliance with data protection regulations and enables for noticeable synergies in performing the audit.

The KPI cockpit increases the transparency of the work and quality the internal audit department. You can set goals and measure them with the KPIs and continously improve. Also the reporting to the top management wil be improved - whether it is for the board of directors or for the supervisory board.

Our product management maintains the product roadmap and the development backlog. Through a cloase alignment with you and other customers our procuct managements assures that the right features and modules are planed for the roadmap. In parallel our RIAS team coninously develops further in an agile process to always provide you a modern system with the right features. The result: regular releases, updates and bugfixes.

As our product RIAS is the combination of your knowledge - from quality management with software development up to data analytics and connectivity. All competences which are more and more relevant for Internal Auditing.

Talend – Intuitive and simple data integration

Talend is the leading provider of technology in the area of data integration, ETL, ELT, application integration, big data and cloud. The solutions also support you in the field of Master Data Management and data quality - as a open source product or with simple license structure. 

We are official Gold partner fo Talend. This means: We consult you regarding Talend technologies support you with several services and also provide you the products if needed.

More about Talend you can find under or from us.Just contact us.

How we can support your Talend projects

  • Data integration
  • Data interfaces
  • Data warehouse
  • Data analytics and business intelligence
  • Optimizing and extending ETL Jobs

Herausforderungen, die Sie mit Talend meistern

Data integration

Through the open and scalable architecutre of the enterprise integration software Talend you can develop data integration jobs ten times faster compared to manual development. With reasonably lower costs.

Big Data

Graphical tools and wizards generate native code and make your big data integration remarkably easier. You can directly start with Apache Hadoop, Apache Spark, Spark streaming and NoSQL databases, in the cloud or on premises.

Cloud Integration

With this scalable and secure platform-as-a-service iPaaS you accelerateyour data integration. Data quality features, interfaces and the generation of native code improves your projects with new big data and cloud technologies.