Software Development
Optimize your processes

Custom software development is like a tailor made suit, it exacly fits to your requirements and business processes. It helps you do diversify from the competition, supports your digital transformation and it sets the trend for your innovation. It is the core of our portofolio - since more than 30 years. On this base we develop soltutions for you that optimizes your processes and we support you through the whole life cycle. Also in the context of a individual custom development project together with your customers.

Our Services
  • Full stack development
  • System integration
  • Interface and API development
  • Cloud-ready developement
  • Product development and maintenance
  • Database development
  • Software modernization and migration

The advantages of custom software

Custom software is perfectly ajusted to your company and your processes which ensures a advantage against your competition. The reason: Independent of all the advantages of a standard softaware - standard software is designed to fit as many companies as possible. Therefore your often reach the limit of standard software with individuall processes which however could be a important competitive advantage. Also regarding innovations related to your digital transformation. In the end it is about your processes and your business model which should be optmized or newly designed.


Our Advantages

30 years experienace with fullstack development and a extensive knwoledge of databases. A cooperation with us brings you many benifits. Some are described as following:

CGS was founded on the base of software development and it connects all our portfolio elements. We develop applications for mobile devices, optimize the architecture of cloud solutions and take care of the integration and analysis in the fields of Big Data and Big Data Analytics. Also the development of dashboards and cockpits for data visualization or complete Data Analytics Applications is connected to software development.

For more than 25 years we work with Java Enterpise to develop custom software which optimze the business processes. For your project we can rely on a huge store of experience - especially in the field of complex web applications. From the process analysis and the requirement engineering to writing the spezifications. From the development of permium software to its documentation and support of specific applications.

Databases play a crucial role in almost any project. Our knwledge in this areas is huge - many of our colleagues are experts not only for Oracle databases. This extensive knowledge makes us stand out from other service providers.

Almost all of our developers are full-stack developers and support your project from the backend and the database to the frontend and the usability. We can support you through the entire life cycle of your application - from the requirements engineering and the design, over the development and integration up to the 3rd level support.

Software is not your core busines but you want to offer software soltutions to your customers without building up a own software development organization. Outsource your product development: We take care of the development and the maintenance of your software product. We support you based on our experience with our own standard product RIAS. We can support you also in topics like product management and licensing strategies. Or we consult you reagarding the interface development, the API-Management and with the integration and connection of systems and databases.

Java is one of the widest used open source programming languages and offers unlimited possiblities - especially for complex corporate applications. Due to its open character and the common use there are always evolving new frameworks, libraries and enhancements. Therefore Java will remain one of the most important programming languages for corporate software also in future.

To always be able to support your requirements we use a multitude of technolgoies within the Java world - and we permanently educate ourselves further. You not only benifit from our huge amount of knowledge but also from our updated skills.

We are experts with following technologies


Web applikationen (traditional, cloud-based, responsive / progressive), desktop applications, Client-Server, Microservices, SOA

Middleware &


IBM WebSphere, Liberty, Wildfly, Tomcat, GlassFish, Oracle WebLogic, Oracle Application Server, Google App Engine, Node, Electron, Amazon Web Service, Docker, OpenShift, Kubernetes


Oracle, MS SQL Server, MySQL, DB2, PostgresSQL, MongoDB, Cassandra, neo4j

Technologies & Frameworks

JEE, Spring Boot, EJB, CDI, JPA, Hibernate, Java Server Faces, JavaFX, AJAX, JSON, Axis, JAX-RS, JAX-WS, Angular.JS, Node.JS, Bootstrap, Jquery, Spark, Hadoop, React, APEX, R, Python

Interfaces / APIs


Reporting, Analytics, BI

Jasper Reports, Pentaho, SpagoBI, Shiny, R

Testing & QA

JUnit, Arquillian, JSUnit, Jasmine, Selenium, JMeter, SonarQube


JIRA, Mantis, Confluence

Build & Continuous Integration / Delivery

Maven, Ant, Jenkins, GitLab CI, Bamboo, Docker

Agile or traditional. We tailor the development process on your needs

Even though we often develop agile according to scrum and we have several certified Scrum Masters in our team. We also work with traditional waterfall models, rapid prototyping up to the V-model. Together with you we select the approach which fits best to our needs.