Development & Implementation
More than IT-Consultancy

The development and implementation of software is our main focus. This means: we don´t consider ourselves as just IT-Consultants who only give recommendations. We execute what we recommend - in all the areas of our portfolio. No matter if enterprise applications in the cloud or local, mobile solutions, optimizing of a Big Data solution or a data analytics project.

Our quality standards: Transparency and close cooperation

Often you can hear about failed software projects. Typically problems are low system performance, insufficient usability, delays and exeeding of budgets. 

We belive a successful software project is not coincidence.We reduce the risks e.g. through agile approach, professional project management and early testing - an approach that has proven successfully in many projects.

We execute the project together with you - up to the handover into operation. We accompany you throughout the entire process with our professional project management.

We have a eye on transparency. The earlier and and better we understand your requirements and change requests the better we can achieve them.

We regularly present you all interim status and align closely with you. We summarize the entire process in our documentation and adapt the acceptenace for you.

We program carefully and closely align within the team. A permanently optimization of the sorce code is as important as continously education, regular lessons learnd and internal experiance exchange.

The right test management and a well prepared acceptance lay the ground for a successful handover of the software in operations.

We work agile - aligned to your project and your organization. We don't stick to the processes unconditional but we integrade traditional elements if needed. 

To work especially target oriented and to minimize costs we pay a lot of attention on good descritptions and specifications of the User Stories. We permanently verify and test them early.